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Timelessdeco travels to the United States of America: Third stop Restoration Hardware, the American



Timlessdeco team visited one of the world’s top luxury furniture brands in the world, RH (Restoration Hardware). Restoration Hardware, likewise Timelessdeco and Halo, has its origins in Europe. More concisely their origins are in United Kingdom. Halo group provides the aristocratic style that characterizes the early 20th century United States New York style. Halo modern products ideas and designs combine heavy textures and enduring materials that have both modern and timeless feelings. The 20th century American style gives people a warm feeling from the pioneers and entrepreneurs that lived in NY at the beginning of the century. That history has its reflection in the furniture making process.

For Timelessdeco, the China exclusive Halo agent, this trip was naturally very important. Timelessdeco visits will include the Restoration Hardware stores in Washington, New York, San Francisco and Atlanta, among many others.

Restoration Hardware, Washington.

Restoration Hardware is one of the most famous United States brands. RH was founded in 1979 by Steve Gordon, and since then has created some of the most innovative styles in the furniture luxury industry. Restoration Hardware reveals a rural and warm style that has captivated the American elites for many years.


Restoration Hardware position is a lifestyle brand design agency, currently increasing its design range from furniture to lighting, textiles, furnishings, outdoor and garden, as well as infant and child products.



RH provides an overall feeling of comfort, warmth and nature. The tone colors are warm with lot of light. Very suitable for create a comfort home environment while stylist.







The house doesn’t have many and complex decorative patterns. Sofas, dining tables, chair and bedding staff have simple designs that provide a feeling of freshness and comfort in every occasion.


Restoration Hardware, New York.


New York is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. People from all over the world dream to conquer this city. New York is the city to success or to success. Movies like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or ‘Sex and the City’ level this city as a place full of vanities, but also the fashion capital of the world.


It is well known the American taste for open spaces and big pieces of furniture. That tradition created a way of thinking that value quantity over anything else. The practicality of the Americans makes them to abandon some stye line s more delicates, and go for more simple and light styles.





American practicality and effectiveness make them to choose single color-based patterns. They prefer to choose furniture like tables or sofas that can be use in different ways. For example: tables that can be lengthened or sofas that can be restructured in different spaces. 





Restoration Hardware, San Francisco.


‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ the awarded movie starred by Will Smith was shot mainly in San Francisco. Many people love this city. Located near the Bay, it has good weather the whole year and it also one of the oldest cities in America. It has one of the most remarkable architectures in the US. The Victorian house stands out from the hill, and the Golden Gate Bridge is also of the world most photographed landmarks. 



Restoration Hardware are one the main furniture industry leaders. RH has a strong brand identity and style. Restoration Hardware always produces high-end products with some nostalgic reminiscences. HR also produces furniture accessories with the most innovative materials such as items made of rattan and water resistant materials. The Restoration Hardware open-air items not only are stylist, but also make with the most diverse and high quality materials.







Style is relatively simple, but attention to detail is very high. American furniture loves to use walnut and maple woods. The complex and textures of these woods become a decoration on itself allowing different shadows and lights depending on the angles. That makes the American furniture more engaging than European furniture styles that like to use shining items. American furniture put special emphasis on comfort, style and versatility. Regarding the furniture style, it can be divided into three big categories: antique, neo-classical and rustic style.



Restoration Hardware, Atlanta.


Atlanta is located is the East of the United States. The capital of the State is Georgia. Its name brings back many memories about the southern states of the US. In 1936 Margaret Mitchell published the book ‘Gone with the Wind’. Later the famous movie starred by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh was filmed in Georgia. The city retains is classical southern style from before the war. The Victorian style buildings keep the history of the city. Georgia is also the hometown of the famous black civil rights leader Martin Luther King. We think that his dream started here and Timelessdeco dream fulfill also a dream coming to Atlanta.












Nowadays, excellence not only refers to the style or taste, but also to the refinement of a concept and the artistic sense. In the field of interior design, exquisite workmanship is increasingly popularity among the consumers. With this trip, Timelessdeco visited Restoration Hardware and in many American cities to study and to provide reliable, convenient and value to all our customers.

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