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Timelessdeco travels to the United States of America: Second stop High Point, the international furn



The American city of High Point (North Carolina) is known for hosting the oldest international furniture exhibition in the world. The famous Milan international exhibition was created more than 50 years after High Point. Exhibitions are carried out twice a year, in early April and in mid-October. The world’s top companies and most prestigious designers meet at High Point to show their finest and most stylish furniture and accessories designs. From Europe to Asia, designers from all over the world gather to follow the latest trends in furniture design.


Established in 1909, the High Point international furniture exhibition is held in the United States for more than 100 years. High Point became the American and world’s largest furniture design and manufacturing exhibition.


The High Point exhibition is the most complete of the three top international exhibitions. Milan is a good choice for design and Cologne is very good for trade, but High Point shows the most comprehensive range of products.

The world’s design elite gathers at High Point, as the most professional and dedicated furniture exhibition in the world. Home industry traders and masters meet here year, and Timelessdeco obviously couldn’t miss the appointment. High Point is always full of inspiration. From Ralph Lauren to Kate Spades, all high-end suppliers of Chinese luxury design gather at High Point. 


Timelessdeco team was there to grasp the latest designs and tendencies and bring them to China. Everything could be found at High Point, from oriental elegance and colorful Southeast Asia designs to autochthon African styles. Impossible don’t exist.







The 25 top world furniture companies all meet at High Point. Of course Halo couldn’t miss the event and over the years High Point has became the major exhibition point. Crystal chandeliers reflect the glamour of the exhibition, and Halo, through its nature shows the British gentlemen inside him. British style, rustic textures and an electric atmosphere shows the authentic Hale style. 






High Point shows a series of amazing works. The designs created by craft masters with all his creativity. This is a wonderful change for our team to know more about the secrets of each style.








Nowadays we can see that the new technologies and the advancements that are being done on new materials and design are also having an impact on furniture and home design. People love beauty and design, and also to be aware of the latest tendencies. Exchanging ideas and looking for new innovations has become part our lives. At this point, our Timelessdeco United States tour not only provide us with the latest furniture industry design and information, but also with the more advance uses and purposes that we can imagine. Believe me, Timelessdeco never stops.

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