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Lianyungang five-star Chinese medicine hotel project


Nutrition is an important part of the Chinese traditional medicine. Based on herbal infusions and natural remedies the Kang Yuan Group projected the construction of a five-star medicine hotel in Lianyungang. The hotel plans to be a very innovative and  specialized project with the spirit of the Kang Yuan Group.


Timelessdeco was established in 2006. We grew from a product based company to a full service design provider. Timelessdeco has a professional design team that has already provided customized solutions for several domestic and foreign projects including the Beijing Hotel ECLAT, URBN Hotel, St. Regis Lijiang, Beijing Aman Hotel, Derwin Hotels, Hyatt Hotels...


Authentic and harmonious with the environment, this is the style of the new Lianyungang five-star Chinese medicine hotel. Timelessdeco has provided a customized design that uses modern materials and flexible techniques to create an elegant and subtle Oriental style. In there, furniture, accessories and cloth decorations combine and shine together.


Oriental style is a fusion of East and West, a fusion of modern and traditional design. The strong cultural heritage is presented the Lianyungang hotel. It is comfortable, natural and has the substance of its own style.


A brief display of the millenary Chinese medicine history is unfold in the lobby. The reception area is influenced by the classic Chinese traditional medicine shops. The intention is that customers feel the atmosphere just when they step into the building. A central sculpture in the lobby enhance the sense of space. The whole artistic and impressive display affects the mood of the building. A VIP health service is also provided in reception, where a tea and herbal display area adds more details. 


Rooms are also designed with the smallest detail in mind. Each room has a valuable display of teas and herbal topics to provide relaxation and comfort to the each guess. Teas such as Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Valerian... can be found in each room. The paintings, the floor, the carpet and the also the Chinese calligraphies hanging from the walls, all follow the same theme. Everything is relaxation and Chinese millenary tradition.



Furniture style and colors has a profound calm background. Dark colors and simple straight lines provide a classic sense of depth. Not only the classic lines of the furniture, but also the modern practically of each piece has a connotation of calm and comfort.



The overall use of symmetrical shapes creates an strong sense of maturity and refinement. The simple and elegant decorations combined perfectly with the medicine elements, advocating a natural and delicate taste that fully reflects the spirit of the Kang Yuan Group and the spirit of the Chinese traditional medicine.

In the planning site, there was a need to isolate and divide the different areas. We made a functional division of space using folding screens and Chinese elements that increased the level of beauty of the Chinese furniture.


Tea, furniture, flowers and a refined finishing touched by a warm light, all evoke calm and an elegant Chinese style. Timelessdeco carefully selected the furniture and the accessories in order to reflect the best of the Chinese culture and style.


Timelessdeco pursued to exalt the Chinese elegance and people's refinement, with their own touch.

Timelessdeco is a professional furniture and accessories provider company with many years in the interior design and furniture industry. We focus on quality products and creating value for our customers. We have classic and modern products that cover all styles. Our aim is to provide the best quality at an affordable price. In order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction we also offer furniture customization and design support to all our customers.

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