- Read all product installation and handling instructions before attempting to install or use this product. 

- If you have any doubts about how to install a light fixture please contact a licensed electrician. 

- If a fixture fails to operate properly, please contact a licensed electrician. 

- Before removing the old fixture or installing the new fixture, shut off the power to the electrical box. 

- Only use light bulbs of the correct type and no greater wattage than specified for your fixture. Using higher wattage  bulbs will shorten the life of the fixture and may create a fire hazard. 

- Turn off the power to the fixture at the wall or canopy switch before installing light bulbs. 

- All outer parts of the lamp can be cleaned using a soft, moist cloth. 

- Do not clean using any detergents or scouring agents. Vintage Sporting Goods 

- Our hand finished vintage leather sporting goods are for display purposes only. 

- Vintage sporting goods are not intended for recreational use. 

- To avoid potential injury, please keep out of the reach of children. 

WARNING: Before using any care product always test on an unexposed part of the product to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to the finish. 

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